The Best Gaming Accessories for 2016

Gaming is more than just the console. It goes beyond the devices that let you stack up to your opponent. So, what are the best gaming accessories for 2016? Forget about the keyboards, joysticks, mice and gamepads. The market has availed much more than the gaming enthusiasts could handle. This is expected because the gaming industry is said to rake in billions of dollars of profit every year.

Check out the list below for the best gaming accessories 2016 has had to offer:

Logitech’s flight system Best Gaming Accessories

With a full force feedback effect, Logitech’s flight system has been engineered so that gaming enthusiasts feel turbulence, G-forces, and wind shear. The programmable buttons on the device gives its users virtual reality of an airplanes’ cockpit.

Razer Hydra Best Gaming Accessories

The Razer Hydra uses precision motion sensing technology making it the world’s first device to utilize this gaming technology on PC. When used with the right connectivity, users can enjoy gaming flawlessly.

G27 Racing Wheel Best Gaming Accessories

This is another production from Logitech that has motor force feedback which makes its users feel the shift in weight, traction losses, and a speed shifter. Additionally, the steering wheel rotates 2.5 times at an angle of 900 degrees with sturdy brakes and steel pedals for excellent throttling.

Razer Nostromo Best Gaming Accessories

The Razer Nostromo is ergonomically designed for comfort and flexibility. It comes with keys that are responsive and programmable to allow its users full customization and control over their games.

Cyborg M.M.O.7  Best Gaming Accessories

This is a mouse that has been ruggedly designed for gaming purposes. It is programmable and comes with a 5-D button which allows gamers to access commands quickly using only their thumb.

T-Flight Hotas X Best Gaming Accessories

The joystick is fully programmable and comes with twelve buttons and five axles. Crafty games will love this device instantly because it has a mapping button which functions as a quick-switching device from one part to another.

The G930 Gaming Headset Best Gaming Accessories

Yet another Logitech creation for multiplayer mode, this gaming headset is a device that is used to cut out the white noise from the surrounding and let you focus on the game. With 2.4GHz connectivity and surround sound, gamers can send commands smoothly.

Razer Naga Best Gaming Accessories

The Razer Naga is a heavy duty device for advanced gaming. It is ergonomically designed for comfort in gaming with 17 buttons that are programmable and a scroll wheel that can be manipulated over 24 times.

Saitek’s X52 for flight control Best Gaming Accessories

Designed with an LCD, the gaming controller is furnished excellently for flight simulation. The handle can be adjusted to five different positions making it a top notch gadget for enhanced playing comfort.

Razer Ferox Gaming Speakers Best Gaming Accessories

The binoculars-shaped devices are powerful speakers which produce sound in 360 degrees. They provide omnidirectional sound for gamers who want the maximum comfort of gaming with sound.

Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Best Gaming Accessories

Saitek’s flight device is an alternative to joysticks. So, if you do not like joysticks, this device will get the job done perfectly for you. It has a stopwatch which allows players to monitor flight timing as well as a lever throttle which simulate the real cockpit of a plane.

Cyborg amBX Best Gaming Accessories

These are lights that illuminate the interior of the room to match with the game. They match the ambiance of the room to the experience of the game.

Razer Tiamat Best Gaming Accessories

This is a gaming headset that provides gamers with distinct and clear sounds of the game that is being played. It also comes with an advanced controller which functions to tune each channel as deemed appropriate.

Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless cockpit (GT F430) Best Gaming Accessories

It has been designed for maximum stability and high-speed gaming as it comes with metal pedals that are fixed to the cockpit. Additionally, the precision steering wheel is detachable for easy storage. Astute game lovers will be delighted because the piece is fully programmable.

Logitech’s Gaming Mouse Best Gaming Accessories

Whereas the mouse may seem small, it is robust and reliable for heavy gamers. It has a memory that allows saving of up to three player profiles. Therefore, users can play using their profiles on different PCs.

P3600 Cyborg Force Rumble Pad Best Gaming Accessories

This production by Saitek allows players to program the device with several commands including the analog play sticks. Designed for comfort, players could use this device to game for hours or even days.

Thrustmaster Gearbox (TH8RS) Best Gaming Accessories

The Thrustmaster lets you shift your gears in style. In fact, it comes with seven gears with one for reverse for optimum performance. It is one of the most precise devices as it uses the HEART technology to detect movement.

Razer Gaming Mouse Best Gaming Accessories

Titled the Orochi Game Edition, the mouse utilizes Bluetooth technology to allow gamers enjoy maximum comfort. The laser sensor sets this mouse ahead of its counterparts which use optical technology.

G13 Programmable Gameboard Best Gaming Accessories

This yet another Logitech’s creation that comes with an option of programmable keys which eliminate the need for a keyboard for any programming activity. The game panel display shows you vital stats for gaming.

Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse Best Gaming Accessories

This programmable gaming mouse has been designed for flexibility. It has interchangeable grips which allows players to change the weight of the mouse by removing or adding the external grips. The LED lights can be customized to match the gaming environment.

Optoma PT105 LED Projector Best Gaming Accessories

If you project onto the TV screen and you are still unsatisfied, then you might want to use the Optoma LED projector for a deferent experience. With 75 lumens, it provides a display that is brighter than most projectors.

Omega gaming headset Best Gaming Accessories

The Omega creative sound blaster has been touted as one of the best as it is very powerful. With an audio processor, the device is superior and lets players hear the sound of enemies from afar, giving them an advantage in the game.

The Essential Reality P5 Glove Best Gaming Accessories

It is a 3D wearable controller that lets players control the game using hand gestures. Until you wear it, you may not realize just how likable this gaming glove is.

There you have it. These are the best gaming accessories 2016 has to offer. What has been your favorite so far?


The popularity of video games has led to the expansion of industry and technology advances. Today, there are many different game types and gender is still expanding. One video game differs from another by its gameplay, category and interaction.

It is not uncommon to see a game with great similarities to another video game. What makes a video game different from another is how it is played and how you interact or play with it.

A video game is classified in different genre. There are many different types of games available on the market today. With rapidly changing technology, new games, improved and updated games are regularly launched on the market.

The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 

Rockstar Games foundation Grand Theft Auto series returns for a third run through the 128-bit Generation era, with this violence, experienced themed third individual shooter and mission-based driving game.

Warcraft 2 and Warcraft 3

Probably two of the best strategy based PC games on the market. They can also give you a back story on World of Warcraft one of the best online multiple player real-time strategy based on the market. Hours upon hours of fun can be found with the Warcraft series.

Neverwinter Nights 2

Neverwinter Nights 2 offers 50 hours of play, it has a complete set of features tools to create more realistic characters. It is probably the most authentic representation of a Dungeons and Dragons game that you will find for computer a video game.


Farcry is based in a tropical paradise that seethes with hidden evil, a detailed action game that cleverly pushes the limits to combat shocking new levels. FarCry runs on developer Crytek Studios own CryENGINE, which features unpredictable enemies that use group tactics to make the main characters job more difficult.

Resident Evil 5: Wesker 

You are first introduced to Wesker in Resident Evil, but you get to know his character much better in the fifth installment. A long coat and glasses are the typical villain fare, but Wesker has superhuman strength thanks to the virus he contains in his body. Chris and Sheva are his punching bags during most of the game and Wesker has some pretty showy moves when he puts the hurt on them. Do yourself a favor and rent Resident Evil 5, if not just to watch Wesker fight scenes.

Chrono Cross: Lynx

Lynx is an interesting villain, he is a bi-pedal feline with a pretty cool outfit that seems to reflect a dark gothic style that someone like Dracula would wear. With a woman clown named Harle as a sidekick, Lynx had a Joker feel to him and when Serge and him switch bodies, you control Lynx for a portion of the game, creating a connection between him and the player.

The Division

Dirt Rally – Codemasters

The Witness

Overwatch – Blizzard

Stress relief 

Video games are a great way to relieve stress. For the average non-player, in fact, spend 15 or 20 minutes a day playing a simple to learn however hard to conquer, Game like Tetris or Minesweeper will do wonders for stress relief. However, the more complex and involved games can actually be more effective than their simpler brethren.

A few people read a book or watch a movie as an alternative to get their mind off their problems. Basically, they permit individuals to be transported in a fictional world for a while. In this area, video games are actually the most effective form of liberation, as they provide a deeper and more encompassing transportation.

Improved Logic 

Logical thinking is, unfortunately, a skill that seems to be mostly ignored in public education these days. It is really sad because the finely tuned logic capabilities are of crucial importance in our world. Almost all video games make up your mind in logical thinking.

Quicker decision making

This has a tendency to go by the past example. Logical skills are good, though they lose their luster if utilized gradually. The quick thinking skills are great, however can be unfortunate without own logic. Putting the two together, however, can have a hugely beneficial impact on your life. Most games give you a time limit to make a decision, whether as a formal timer or as someone rushing at you with a gun or a sword.

The Best Video Game Consoles 2016 for Gamers

Every few years a new game console hits the market, but there are few that have stayed all-time favorite of one and all. There are several game consoles that have been properly designed to meet the needs, budgets and tastes of each individual. Whether you’re a growing child or an aging man, game consoles are available in all ranges and diversity to give you a rewarding and satisfying experience.

There are several game consoles already on the market which are very popular with all ages and class. Most of the credit for such great popularity goes to giants like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo who keep on updating their product and continue to provide the latest form of entertainment. However, needless to mention that most of these updates are in the form of a slightly different firmware configurations tweaking and additions to a few more features online. Although these factors are large enough to draw the kind of crowd that ever aspire!

All game consoles use the latest processors, storage media and drives and hit the majority of the audience with their artificial intelligence. Each game console has its particular features and appeal, making it very difficult to assess these game consoles. The Nintendo Wii with its simplicity, active fun and unimaginable price is the best deal for families, while the Nintendo DS dual screen is unmatched with its gaming prowess, and innovative fun factor.

Sony PlayStation 3 Best Video Game Consoles

Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3 or, for short) is such a creation worthy, a great improvement from its predecessors (the PS and PS2). With this game console, you not only get to play your chosen games, you even get to enjoy DVD and Blu-ray visualization, video chat, viewing digital photos, and much more. It has become a multi-tasker, it’s almost like a smartphone in terms of versatility (not that it already has a built-in cellular phone, although it’s really not far from happening in the near future). It is also good to know that the PS3 is compatible even with game titles that were released for the PS and PS2. The good news is, many manufacturers continue to create great games for this console, so expect a more game action to happen in your living room in the coming days. The best news is PS3’s online connectivity, allowing you to stay connected with the PS3’s online community all the time.

Xbox 360 Best Video Game Consoles

The Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s commendable response to the great public demand for gaming consoles. You will love its Xbox Live service as it allows players to battle each other online. This feature allows even downloading game demos, arcade games, your favorite TV shows and movies. Current models include the Xbox 360 Arcade and Xbox 360 Elite. Accessories that are available for Xbox 360 controllers consist of wireless and wired headset and webcam (which are convenient to chat), dancemats, memory cards and hard drives of different sizes. The Xbox 360 Elite has ample storage space of 120 GB, which is enough to store a variety of arcade games, high definition movies, TV shows, and even music.

Nintendo Wii Best Video Game Consoles

The Nintendo Wii is the most affordable of the Best Video Game Consoles 2016. It earned the reputation of being a “family console” because it allows more healthy and active games that people of all ages can enjoy. Yes, this game console is not only appreciated by young people, but even the young at heart. Playing with Wii games takes more than just lounging on the sofa. The games are often good alternatives for exercise as you literally burn calories when you do your jabs, swings, kicks, and other game motions. Nintendo Wii is actually easier to navigate than other consoles. It is so user-friendly even the people that you never expect to tinker on a game console (such as grandparents) can easily enjoy playing with it.

Some of the games that are popular with the Nintendo Wii include tennis, baseball and boxing. Nintendo is currently working on the game of cricket for the Wii and Wii gamers are keeping their fingers crossed for playing the game of man with this console. Playing these games is great fun and polls state 95% of the players feel good to play with this console.

Now that you have more information to select the best video game console for your entertainment, would not be nice to have at least one of them? Go ahead, make the choice, and find out what the gamers are wild about!

Choosing Best Gaming Headset for 2016

Best gaming and console gaming has advanced online, greatly increasing the options for interactivity with other gamers from all corners of the globe. Headsets allow gamers to listen to and respond to enemies and teammates during online gaming matches. It adds a new dimension to multiplayer games, as coordinating strategies with other players becomes key.

Below are a few things you as an individual should put in mind when looking for a headset. You can’t find all headsets to be are equal – those designed for office employment are not up to the rigors of gaming.

Designed for Games

The primary thing to look for in a gaming headset is that it has been intended for use with games. It may sound silly that a headset for games is different than other headsets, but this is the case. Headsets designed for office utilization are not suitable for long gaming sessions, or will offer an inferior experience.

Before rushing out to purchase the best gaming headset on the market, do some research on some of the companies specializing in these devices. The great thing about the internet is that there are hundreds of reviews for you to look through to help you make up your mind!

Broad Soundstage

One thing that many headsets designed for use office lack is a broad soundstage. Such headsets are created for phone calls and as such don’t have a need to replicate a broad range of sound reliably. Games, however, are often designed to replicate real life as closely as possible. Because of this, there is a far more full range of sounds – conversation, the creaking of a door, footsteps and much more. To be capable doing well in the game, you will need to be capable to hear these little noises and react to them accordingly.

Gaming headsets are designed with a broader soundstage than regular office headsets to replicate the full range of sounds best you will encounter. Not using an appropriately designed gaming headset will put you at a disadvantage!

Comfort and Quality Construction

Two things that are crucial in gaming headphones is a comfort and the quality construction of the device. Because you are engaging in a leisure activity, it is important that you are comfortable during gameplay. Good gaming headsets are designed with comfort in mind, by incorporating cushioned ear pieces and headbands. If the designers have done their job right, you will forget they are even on your head.

After comfort, the device quality also comes into play. When gaming, the last thing you want to worry about is damaging or breaking your headset. Because of this, most good gaming headsets have a very robust design. This allows gamers to be a bit rough with the devices and still not risk damaging them.

For more information, or to select some quality gaming headphones, you should contact a reputable online retailer. Online retailers have the biggest range by far and can help you choose the best headset for your needs.

When searching for a compatible product, it is wise to know the different ways for headsets to connect. One of the most hassle-free ways of getting connected is through Bluetooth. You may recognize this technology from your cellular phone and hands-free headset. If Bluetooth is compatible with your gaming machine, it is probably your smartest option.

Something else to consider when looking at headsets for gamers is the range. While this is only an issue with wireless headsets, it is a big problem. The range is how far your headset can be from the receiver (usually on your PC or controller) and still work. This is something you’ll have to evaluate yourself based on where you sit. Range and signal quality usually coincide with price, the better the quality and range, the more money you’ll have to spend. It’s well worth it to fork over more cash for a superior product, as your headset is useless if you’re out of range.

When choosing a gaming headset you have tons of options to go over. What’s most important are finding that balance between price and quality. You’d probably regret trying to save money then winding up with a bad headset. With the sheer number of choices, you have you’re bound to find a headset just right for you.


With the technological evolution taking place, every machine is at stake. Some are being improved, others being rendered redundant while new ones are being invented. To ensure that you do not end up with a machine that does not serve your needs as well as it should, then you need the best that is out there. For gamers, their devices mean the world to them; they allow them to be gods in their own worlds. For them to experience this sensation, they need a desktop that meets all their ranging needs for the game to be phenomenal. They need a PC that will ensure their 3D games are as graphically captivating as possible and run better.

best gaming PCs

To determine the best gaming PC 2017, we need to look at what you should be looking for in it as a gamer.


A game is a gamer’s world, and it need to look as real as it can possibly be. You need a PC that has exceptional graphic cards. The integrated graphics cards are fine for a 2D game, but for a 3D game, you need a discreet graphic card. This makes the graphical details more advanced and improves the performance.

Processing Power

You need a PC that has raw processing power that ensures your soundtrack and gameplay are in sync, manages the game’s load screen and determines whether you have hit the targets.


Modern games often end up overtaxing a computer if its RAM is not sufficient. A bigger memory in your PC improves overall performance and keeps the CPU more stable in case you overclock it.


Solid-state drives (SSDs) speed up your boot time, wake-up time and time taken to load your game or to move to a new level. They allow you to move from one level to another faster ensuring that your gaming experience is not a bore of waiting for the game to load.

Every gamer need the sheer power of being in control of his game, for this to be fulfilled, you need to be able to have a say in how your PC operates. The following PCs will give you the brute strength to be on top of your experience as a gamer.

Digital Storm Bolt 3 Gaming PC

Bringing into the game both form and function, this PC has a see through design that is as impressive as it is functional allowing you to pop it sides and change components to ensure you are on top of the game. Its superb specs gives it a strong performance to allow you toplay the best and modern games without a hitch.

Syber Steam Machine X Gaming PC

With it sleek design and silent beauty, the Syber is built to give the gamer the best of both world of consoles and PCs. with its configuration, it gives you time to enjoy your gaming experience without worrying about updating soon.

Origin Chronos Gaming PC

Packing a compact footprint, the Origin Chronos brings out all specs you have come to expect in your best gaming PCs while coming in six colors to ensure that it fits with any décor in your house.

Acer Predator G6 Gaming PC


Marrying both power and stunning beauty, the G6 utilizes its beauty to maintain a headset dock and a hard-drive bay while tearing through any game, no matter its size or settings. Its overclocking allows it to remain cool by removing the extra power from the processor.

Asus ROG G20CB Gaming PC

Asus ROG G20CD

Small size, customizable lighting, stunning and totally packed Asus ROG G20CB handles virtual reality in a way that leaves you in awe. And icing on this cake? It is configured to meet the core requirements of for VR gaming ensures you have all gaming options.

The world of gamers require different gaming PCs depending on the type of player that is playing the game. To get the best PC for your needs, first know yourself, your games preference and the space needed by a machine. Some manufacturers will go to considerable lengths to ensure that their designs are great looking, but you as a gamer will be the one to decide in the end who really runs your world. Chose a PC that makes your hearty pound, your blood run a little faster and your mind to forget all other worries as you dive into the world of game.