Play video games on best gaming consoles

Gaming consoles are extremely popular in India and fact they have come a long way since the time Sega Mega Drive was introduced. Modern 7th generation gaming consoles not only come equipped with amazing controllers and graphics, but they also offer a lot of entertaining games which one can indulge in. At present, there are three best gaming consoles in India and those are Xbox 360 from Microsoft, Wii from Nintendo and Playstation 3 from Sony. 
Which is the best option out of the three? Well, for some reasons people find it very difficult to make comparisons between these three top gaming consoles because all three of them are good in their ways. To find out which is the best one should take a closer look at these three options. 
Let us start with Wii – this gaming console was released in the year 2006, and within a time span of four years it has managed to sell more than eighty-five million units all over the world. The main reason behind its popularity is the unique motion controller which allows the players to play the game by using gestures instead of pressing buttons. 

Although the graphics capabilities of Wii is considered to be the weakest amongst the three this drawback is made up for by the fact that this gaming console has been equipped with a very innovative control system. Wii is perfect for casual gamers who want to try out easy, fun and entertaining games that are just right for the entire family. 
The next gaming console to be scrutinized would be the Xbox 360 from Microsoft. This gaming console ranks second among the three when it comes to sales figures. Xbox 360 supports HD quality video and its graphics system, and CPU are quite powerful too. If you are a huge fan of Halo series, then you will love playing the game with this gaming console. Xbox 360 can be defined as the best gaming console for those who are into online gaming. Kindest is an add-on for Xbox 360 which allows the users to play the games with the help of spoken commands and gestures, and sometimes without using any controller at all. 
The third gaming console in this regard would be the Playstation 3 from Sony, and this gaming console is a great option for those who want a gaming experience with extremely powerful CPU system and graphics. This seventh generation console is one of its kind because it has Blu-ray player on it which makes it much more superior to others as far as technology is concerned. 
Gaming console price in India differs as per the brands. Therefore the cost of these three consoles would be different. To make up your mind as to which gaming console to buy, you need to go through the details given about the above options and then decide for yourself what you want to invest in. You don’t necessarily need to purchase the console that is most popular but buy the one that suits your needs, preferences and budget the best. 
Each gaming console offers its innovative features to the realm of video game entertainment. With so many options it is hard to determine what will provide you or the person you are buying the gaming console for with variety, challenge, and fun all at the same time. 
 Another feature that is standard on best gaming consoles is wireless handheld controlling. This is much easier for manipulation than wired control. Two of the most popular consoles right now are the XBox and the XBox 360. You can connect these consoles to the internet using XBox live. Also, you can also use the standard Ethernet port that comes built in. There are three XBox 360 versions: Elite, Premium, and Arcade. The hard drive is different for all three of this version. The Elite has a 120 GB hard drive; the Premium has a 20 or 60 GB hard drive. So you’re going to want to select a hard drive based on the desired storage space and the game playing ability you want. 
Last but not the least, the Wii does not use standard game controllers. It uses an infrared remote controller, which is distinctive for its similarity aesthetically with the remote for televisions. The Wii also has backward compatibility with its predecessors like the Nintendo GameCube and many others.

Join Sony’s VR Headsets Revolution

With companies launching VR headsets left and right, it was only a matter of time before one of the gaming giants like Sony got in on the action. However, contrary to what most people expected, when Sony finally unveiled their virtual reality device it turned out they were actually working on a way to make VR headsets cheaper and bring them to the regular people, those of us who cannot afford to be throwing money around left and right on various gadgets and luxuries. 

What are the Implications? 

So what exactly does this initiative mean for Sony and the rest of us? Well, with the launch of the first VR gaming console dedicated to the budget market, Sony is the first company that attempted to bring virtual reality gaming to the masses. In turn, this makes it much more viable for developers to focus on VR games in the future, and that’s precisely the kind of shift we’ve started to observe. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that this is the beginning of the virtual reality revolution in gaming; now that we can all enjoy it, nothing can stop us from taking this science-fiction-like direction we’ve been dreaming of since we were children. As a matter of fact, this is quite similar to when Sony released the Playstation 2 many years ago, helping families on a tight budget get into console gaming without breaking the bank. In turn, this resulted in a renewed public interest in video games and ultimately led to some of the most memorable gaming titles. 


The Big Three 

As of now, there are three main VR headsets for you to make your choice form: The HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift and the Playstation VR. All three of them have encountered a lot of success since being released, and it’s likely that the companies behind them will become mainstream players in this market for decades to come. 
With that being said, all three VR headsets had a very different road to stardom. To begin with, Valve’s VR headset, the Vive, was actually the result of their collaboration with HTC, a mobile device designer. Nobody saw this union coming, and yet it ultimately made sense as minds that think alike finally found each other and worked together to bring something truly special to the community. 
The Oculus Rift had a much more humble beginning, being nothing once but a meager project on Kickstarter. With a bit of time though, the idea gained a lot of traction and the project even involved John Carmack, the famous genius developer from id Software, the company that basically invented the first-person shooter genre. Two years after it was funded, Oculus VR was acquired for a price of $2 billion dollars by Facebook. 
Finally, the Playstation VR was designed by Sony to be an internal piece of hardware that isn’t expensive to manufacture. While they came a tad late to the party in relation to their competitors, they’ve certainly upheld their stellar reputation in the gaming industry by creating an inexpensive option that remains as technically-impressive as the other ones. 

What Makes Playstation VR Worth It 

So what is it exactly that makes it stand tall above the other VR headsets? To begin with, it only costs $400, which is a real blessing when compared to the Vive’s price of $800 and the Oculus Rift’s price of $600: VR gaming on a budget is now indeed possible. Having launched Thursday on October 13th, it already boasts a very strong game lineup which included 31 titles at launch, and 20 more promised to be coming soon. Sony also promised to release at least another 50 titles before the end of the year, effectively giving them the largest game library of the three VR headsets. 
While for the moment VR headsets only allow us to play short games intended to be showcases more than anything else, with the release of the Playstation VR it’s very likely that some full games will be created for it very soon. In other words, we are currently witnessing a true revolution in the gaming industry as Sony finally found a way to take it to the next level without charging us an arm and a leg for it. Though it’s still very early in the race, this is one VR headset that will probably remain the best for a very long time.

The Development of Video Games

A video game is an interaction between a human being and a user interface that sends feedback on the device being used. In the 1980s there existed arcade games where people would place coins to play any kind of game that interested them. Its popularity has declined due to the availability of video games in computers and mobile smart phones. The controllers of a game include a mouse, joystick, keyboard, touchscreen and buttons as well. In the years of 2000, video games included vibration effects, haptic and virtual reality games. In the recent years, video games have become commercially important with this being shown from the generation of billions of dollars revenue annually. An example is the revenue of $74 billion in the United States in the year 2015. This shows a growing interest in the game sector.

The development of video games includes programmers and graphic designers who for years have incorporated every kind of skill they obtain to develop more fun, advanced and entertaining games. In earlier days, a game would be produced by one person and brought to the market, however, more skilled people have been incorporated to come up with the different roles in one game. In producing a game, cinematography, programming, art, design work and much more are involved. This has hence led to the creation of more employment opportunities and also created room for innovation while at the same time contributing to the advancement in technology.


From the year 2000 to 2009, video games’ popularity grew at a faster rate. It is in these years that graphics was introduced to video games leading to the creation of more attention to these games.

Here are the top best games of 2000 to 2009:

1. Final Fantasy XII


Final fantasy XII in 2006 brought a more realistic way of a battle with an invisible monster. It brought in to light the invisible monster you would previously run to smash. You could now see the monsters and battle with them bringing more fun to the game.

2. Metal Gear Solid 2 


This game came up in 2001 where a speed runner would finish a race in two hours. Though it received criticisms and sometimes failed, the game was one of the best that year since popularity and advancement in the industry had not been taken seriously.

3. Rock band 


Rock band came in 2007, an advancement of the Guitar Hero (a previous series). This brought the fantasy of drummers to pick up sticks and hit them four times before starting a song.

4. Super Mario Galaxy 


This 2007 game gained its popularity due to the gameplay twists it offers. At first, the girly-girl princess who does not deserve to be saved finally gains sympathy due to the many surprising outcomes the game offers.

5. Gears of War 2 


This game was developed in 2008 with a great advancement in the design of a gorgeous environment. It also brought in the experience of multiple players in video games making it one of the most innovative and interesting game in that year.

From the year 2010, many advanced and sequel games came on offer. Here are the best games of the years 2010 to 2016:

1. The Mafia II 


This game gained its popularity due to the obsession it contained. It is a sequel to Mafia. Its setting is a fictional city in New York with around 40 vehicles in the game. It also contains licensed music, news and commercials and in-game radio stations forming am interesting setting for a game.

2. Rage 


2011 is the year when games were made available on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.

Rage is among the best video games in 2011. It shows the effect of the asteroid on earth. This is the uniqueness of the game as tries to show the future today.

3. Legends 


It is in 2012 that billions of cash were spent to include more games in the play store. This saw an increase in sales of games too.
Legends is a first-time shooter game to celebrate James Bond in movies.

4. FIFA 14 


This is a sports football video game of the year 2013 which is a sequel to FIFA 13. It brings the reality of playing football in a way that one feels part of the game.

5. Alien isolation is a 2014 game which is a first-person survival horror video game. Showing creativity.

6. Gears of War is an interesting game of 2016 where heavy a breeze to windstorms affects the performance of a weapon. This has proven to be more sophisticated but easy to learn the game as well.

Tips on how you can get the Best video games of 2016

Games are like way of entertainment that make kids totally going nuts over all of them. Some of the youngsters are more in to outdoor games while a number of them are so much in to video games that they just want to have their hands on every new game and also spend all time while playing them on the gaming console. 
If your child also requests you constantly to get him or her the very best video games of 2016 then we will tell you how to get the best ones that too in absolutely reasonable prices. One way is to locate several greatest video game stores in the town and have a survey of each store to look for the very best games and to evaluate the price range and after that going for the one which will be best and simultaneously would be within your price range or budget. But, we have one better option for you instead of going from one shop to another and exhausting yourself. There are numerous comparison websites now which offer you a complete new way of on line shopping of these particular games. 

These kinds of price comparison websites really assist you in finding all those retailers that would be selling your preferred games. The methods to locate them is pointed out in all the steps in this kind of sites as well as allow it to be super easy as well as simple for you to find such retailers and shop on the internet. The first step would be to enter your required game in the search box of the website. Once you have entered the specific video game, the website will give you a list of all the related games. Thus, next thing is to select the one which you would want to buy. The site will then automatically compare the price of the video game at all the top on line retailers together with the list of the postage fee. After which it will be your decision to go for the retailer that you will think is the one you would be looking for as well as would be selling the video games according to your price range. 
There are really many such sites on the internet which are offering their particular services just for you. These kinds of websites assist you in finding the very best bargains that include the video games you want in an extremely affordable price range. You merely have to seek out such websites as well as follow the steps that are described above. So, it’s time to give your children a surprise by buying them their best video games of 2016 that too by simply finding the cheap games as well as at the same time the very best games in a truly fast and simple way. 
Many of the hottest best new video games played by students are Counter-Strike, Halo, War craft, Play station, Xbox, classics, and various arcade games. By far the most prevalent video games played by children incorporate the weather of violence. Violence in best new video games could have a several most uncomfortable side effects regarding the way of thinking of babies. Violence results in the increase in belligerent thoughts, resulting within the probability that your gentle or ambiguous irritation may be interpreted inside the hostile manner. Violent video games also result in a general arousal of mental and physical states like heart rate and brain interpretation rates. Youngsters often develop diverse behavioral patterns and tendencies that could reflect the games which they had been exposed. Some could have a tendency to directly imitate some violent behavior they’ve wound up against causing real physical fights that will trigger severe injuries. There was recent real life killings at schools and public locations with the cause of such brutal killing have grown to be concluded since the increased example of violent video games. It is proved that children’s experience violent best new video games is potentially more hazardous when compared to the exposure to violent television and flicks. 
Video Games are useful for several means of kids. Best video games of 2016 need a great deal of observation and reaction simultaneously. Practically all video games are tinkered with hands. In game scenarios demand fast responses from players allowing youngsters to further improve hand and eye coordination and observation abilities. Most video games require concentration to have successfully mastered. Best video games of 2016facilitate the introduction of concentration skills. Some video games encompass concepts of education and data. Parents have started allowing children to test video games, who’ve educational knowledge on various topics. Some games also generate successful decision-making skills and intuitive and imaginative thinking within the minds of babies. Video Games improve decision-making speeds and help to make correct judgments dependant on previous experiences.

Will The Sims 4 Be Offered On Gaming Consoles Devices – Xbox One and PS4

Many people have been raising concerns about the release of The Sims 4 for Xbox One and PS4 gaming consoles. Perhaps, this is because many people thought that The Sims would be availed during the first quarter or close to the middle of this year.

However, the focus of Electronic Arts has always been on raising the bar for The Sims by ensuring that it features in the latest consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, sometimes during the 2016 fall.

The Sims speculations

Electronic Arts will release The Sims in varying formats. This is an indication that this game is likely to be available in Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This life simulation game made its debut in September 2014 in a PC version. A version of the game that is compatible with Mac was availed in February this year. However, this version has a similar concept with its predecessor.


Currently, there is a rumor that Electronic Arts is working with Maxis to determine how to make this game a console-enabled app. It has also been rumored that The Sims 5 will be seen as a Play Event for Electronic Arts but all these are speculations.

Additionally, there have been reports that suggest that The Sims 5 will only happen if its predecessor, The Sims 4, will generate sufficient amount that will allow its production. Perhaps, this is the reason why its developers are attempting to use a console-enabled virtual experience. Their aim is to ensure that the dream reaches fruition and that sales increase.


It is now more than one year and 7 months since the launch of The Sims 4 in September 2014. In addition to that period, developers have not announced anything about The Sims 4 and its availability in gaming consoles and this has caused concerns among the eagerly waiting gamers. There are also rumors that development of the expansions of this game is underway and that it will be launched soon while being availed to Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

A popular fan-site of The Sims 4,, closed in May 15. The site gave a reason that has caused more worries about gamers that are anticipating for this game. According to the staff of the site, Electronic Arts accused the site of non-disclosure agreement’s violation. This led to the cooperation agreement’s termination altogether. The said violation was in form of leaked information that the website was not allowed to leak or reveal.

No console gaming experience plans

The Sims 3 was availed to Xbox One and PS4 fans one year and six months after its launch on Mac and PC. However, according to the producer of The Sims, there is no console gaming experience plans. It is now over 2 years since The Sims 4 became public. However, Lyndsay Pearson, its producer has clearly said on Twitter that there is no console gaming experience plans yet. Pearson says that fans should ignore the rumors because there are no current definite plans that will lead to this.

To some of the waiting fans, this is somehow confusing because it was initially stated that this game would be availed on all platforms only that there were delays for the gaming consoles version. Currently, the Sims 4 has less than 3 months before 2016 ends. This means the fans hopes are almost dashed.

A successful game

Despite the delay in availing The Sims 4 to console fans, this game series is still among the most successfully games. It is patronized by players of different ages. This life simulation game allows players to come up with their own characters. It enables players to hold personal dialogues and form personalities. It also includes realistic lifestyles that enable players to construct homes and hold parties.

Release date

The Sims 4 release for Xbox One and PS 4 gaming consoles is rumored to be around December 8. If this happens, players will have a chance to explore an entirely new world since it comes with an expansion pack, known as The Sims 4 Get Together.

Some of the new features that the fans can expect include introductions of The Sims to different Clubs using personalities, styles and interests.

If players fail to find perfect clubs for their Sims, they will have an option to create and personalize Clubs so that they can play the way they prefer.